Hot Yoga a Panacea (For Me)

Shiva’s most vain offspring in the yoga family tree and younger Brother to the more spiritually inclined Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Hatha is a sweaty lil’ bugger named Bikram. His siblings are almost snobby in their dislike for their mirror obsessed toddler brother.

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O Tannenbaum in Reverse is Muabnennat O

I feel silly for caring and talking to you in the first person, but I felt a melancholy chucking your browning carcass onto the improvised and growing hill of previously loved trees in Eel Brook Common. When I walk the kids or dog past I make sure to give a glance. You seem like you are doing fine. The rain must feel good. Truly thanks, was so fun having you. A house is never as full as when a Christmas tree is in the Living Room.

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Help! Kids Holding Parents Hostage at 35,000 Feet

Do you ever have those moments as a parent where you are sure you have the worst behaved children on the planet? Well you don’t have to worry, because we have that trophy sitting on our mantle, right next to a huge gold cup draped with numerous first place and runners up medallions, souvenirs from the World’s Worst Parents competitions that we enjoy. Some folks in their thirties and forties like 5Ks or ½ marathons, not us.

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Hyperbolic Salad Dressing

It is called Hyperbolic Salad Dressing because when it makes an appearance on a salad (or veg, or chicken…), everything becomes one million times tastier. If there were a salad Oscars and Rocket Lettuce was asked who it was wearing this evening, this dressing would be the Diana Von Furstenberg, or Tom Ford of culinary couture.

The type of salad that wears this liquid ambrosia would feel questions of attire are superficial. It knows that there is a personal, poetic and philosophical depth that is ignored when we only focus on its otherworldly, three-dimensional aesthetics.

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